Contract offer


This license agreement (further referred to as the “Agreement”) governs the relationship between you – the Licensee of the Game on the basis of a non-exclusive license (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) and the Licensor – further referred to as “RIO RISE”. The User and RIO RISE may also be referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”.


“In-game currency” is virtual in-game currency that is non-activated data and commands that has no monetary value and is not subject to monetary valuation, although it has a price at the time of purchase.

“License Agreement” – this License Agreement with the Licensee in relation to the Game, which is a legal document defining the conditions and procedure for the Licensee’s use of the Game and all related services.

“Account” – the Licensee’s account in the Game.


By downloading, installing or otherwise using the Game, the Licensee confirms that he has read, understood and unconditionally accepted the terms of the License Agreement, as well as the terms of other relevant agreements and rules available on the Site, in the editions that were in effect at the time of actual use of the Game, and guarantees that he will comply with them throughout the entire period of use of the Game; acknowledges and agrees that it has independently assessed the necessity of using the Game and does not rely on any representations, warranties or statements other than those expressly set forth in the License Agreement; and represents and warrants that it can legally enter into contracts (e.g., Licensee has reached the age of legal capacity required by applicable law). If Licensee is a minor, such Licensee must review the License Agreement with the assistance of his or her parent/legal guardian. The licensor recommends that parents or legal representatives monitor the online activities of their children. To protect the privacy of children, the COMPANY advises parents or legal guardians to ensure that their children never disclose their personal information without the prior consent of their parents or legal guardians. In all cases, the use of the Games by minors must be under the responsibility of their parents or legal representatives, and the Licensee confirms that any use of the Services has been approved by them.

Otherwise, installation or other use of the Game is prohibited.

- Transfer of In-Game Items, game accounts and/or In-Game Currency is prohibited, unless expressly permitted in the Game. Except as expressly permitted in the Game, Licensee may not sublicense, sell, repurchase or otherwise transfer or attempt to transfer In-Game Items, game accounts and/or In-Game Currency to any person or entity. Any such transfer or attempted transfer is prohibited and void, and may result in the termination of the Licensee’s right to access his Account and/or the Game, and the violating party will be liable for any losses incurred by the Company.

- The Licensee is prohibited from decompiling, decoding and reconstructing data, circumventing data security systems, hacking or attempting to hack software components of the Game or its services, and/or intercepting data coming to or from the server. It is prohibited: (in particular) any modification, alteration, decompilation, decoding, sale or distribution of modified materials of the Game as a whole or in parts (or the means and materials necessary to perform such actions), the use of programming errors, making changes to the program code and obtaining unauthorized access to the Game server and database. In certain special cases, the COMPANY has the right to immediately suspend the Licensee's access to the Game and send a request to the appropriate authorities to prevent any violation of the License Agreement and/or the provisions of applicable law.

  1. Payment of the Invoice is made by the Licensee within one business day from the moment it is issued through the Unitpay payment system provided by Unitmobile LLC.
  2. RIO RISE will reward the Licensee by crediting bonus funds to the Game account within one business day from the moment of cumulative fulfillment of the following conditions, unless a different period for receipt of bonus funds has been separately agreed upon by the parties:

    1. receipt of the Licensee's funds to the Payment System account in the amount specified in this Invoice.
    2. provision by the Licensee of real data about his Game account necessary to receive a reward, as well as documents in accordance with clause 3 of this Invoice.
  3. If the activities of the Licensee arouse suspicion from government agencies, the Bank, Payment Systems or the administration of RIO RISE, the Licensee undertakes to provide all necessary documents as well as duly certified copies of these documents. In case of failure to provide documents, RIO RISE has the right to refuse and/or suspend/terminate the activity of the corresponding Game Account.
  4. In the event that the Licensee's activities have become the basis for claims against RIO RISE, claims of third parties and/or orders for the payment of penalties from government authorities in connection with violation of the rights of third parties and/or legislation, the Licensee undertakes to immediately upon request of RIO RISE provide him with all requested information regarding previously committed actions, assist RIO RISE in resolving such claims and suits, and also compensate for all losses caused to RIO RISE as a result of such claims, suits, orders being presented to him.
  5. RIO RISE is not liable to the Licensee for indirect/indirect losses and/or lost profits of the Licensee and/or third parties.
  6. The parties acknowledge that the volume of bonuses is regulated by RIO RISE and depends on the volume of In-Game Currency. Information about the number of bonuses is available to the Licensee in the game in real time.

    1. The Licensee acknowledges that in order to confirm the act of Sponsoring, only data from the RIO RISE automated accounting system is used, including the results of processing actions performed by the Licensee through the web interface on
    2. The licensee is solely responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the login, password, TOTP token, phone number used to access the game or website.
    3. RIO RISE is not responsible for unauthorized use by third parties of the Licensee's registration data (login, password, phone, TOTP token).

Refund Policy

The Licensee is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its username and password. Licensee is solely responsible for all use of its login and password, including any purchases or other changes to the Account, whether or not authorized by Licensee. The Licensee is responsible for all activities that occur through its Account. The Licensor is not responsible for everything that happens through the Account or with the Account as a result of the fact that the Licensee transfers to third parties access to his login and password and/or Account and other data.

Licensee warrants that it has all necessary authority to enter into this Agreement. If the Licensee has not reached the age of majority or has become completely incapacitated due to another circumstance provided for by current legislation, he must independently obtain the necessary permission in the form required by law from his parents or legal representatives.

The Licensor's obligation to provide the rights to use non-activated data is considered fulfilled by the Licensor at the moment the In-Game Currency is reflected in the Licensee's personal account. From this moment on, the Licensee receives the rights to use the volume of non-activated data corresponding to the amount of In-Game Currency, under the terms of this Agreement. The in-game currency is reflected in the Licensee's Account after the Licensor receives information from third parties (payment systems) about the payment (confirmation).

From the moment the In-Game Currency is reflected on the Licensee’s personal account, the Licensee has no right to demand the return of the Remuneration from the Licensor, unless otherwise expressly provided for by this Agreement or applicable law.

All fees payable for In-Game Currency are non-refundable. All in-game sales are final. By purchasing In-Game Currency, as well as exchanging In-Game Currency for In-Game Items, the Licensee understands and agrees that the Licensee's access to the Game may be terminated in accordance with the License Agreement and/or the Game may be terminated at any time for any reason, and that such events do not entitle Licensee to receive a refund of any amounts paid for any used or unused In-Game Currency.

Payment of the Remuneration is not a necessary condition for the Licensee’s use of the Licensor’s game or the Licensee’s participation in the Game and is carried out at the Licensee’s discretion.

Security policy

"You can pay for your order with Visa, Master Card bank cards or through the Apple Pay or PayPal payment systems (the latter is only for buyers from outside the Russian Federation). To pay for your purchase, you will be redirected to the Unitpay payment system server, where you need to enter the necessary data When paying by credit card, payment security is guaranteed by the Unitpay processing center.

The Unitpay payment system has a confirmed certificate of compliance with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard in terms of storage, processing and transmission of cardholder data. The PCI DSS bank card security standard is supported by international payment systems, including MasterCard and Visa, Inc. Unitpay is also a participant in the Compliance Control PCI DSS Compliance Process (PDCP) continuous compliance program.

Your confidential data required for payment (card details, registration data, etc.) are not sent to the online store - they are processed by the Unitpay processing center and are completely protected.

No one, including our online store "RIO RISE", can obtain your bank card details or other data necessary to make a payment.

Payment instructions

Bank cards

Payment cards accepted: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro. To pay for goods with a bank card, when placing an order in the online store, select the payment method: bank card. When paying for an order with a bank card, payment processing occurs on the bank’s authorization page, where you need to enter your bank card details:

  1. Card type
  2. Card number
  3. Card expiry date
  4. Cardholder's name (in Latin letters, exactly as indicated on the card)
  5. CVC2/CVV2 code

If your card is connected to the 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card to complete the authentication procedure. For information about the rules and methods of additional identification, please check with the Bank that issued your bank card.

Duration of services

Services are provided no later than 14 days from the date of payment.